Unique to Woodville

Every town has it’s unique features, the things that make it a special place to live, work and play. Here are some of the things that are unique to Woodville, including features and attractions that you won’t find anywhere else in the world!! This is.... what makes us special!

Gottfried Lindauer Replica Studio

Bohemian born portrait artist, Gottfried Lindauer, had a long association with Woodville. It was here, after living something of an itinerant life painting Maori & European portraits, that in 1890 he built a house and studio on four hectares on Pinfold Rd. Lindauer continued to work until 1918 when his failing eyesight made him something of a recluse. His last years were spent quietly in Woodville and he died on 13th June 1926 aged 87.

In the old Gorge Cemetery beneath the Ruahine...


Woodville Pahiatua Racing Club

The name Woodville, and outstanding achievements in New Zealand horse racing are synonymous. Some attribute the magic of Woodville to the springy turf that flourishes in the shade of the Ruahine Ranges. Others say it's the mineral rich grass and some say it's the local water. Whatever it is, Woodville attracts the finest trainers and jockeys, who have prepared and raced notable winners throughout New Zealand and Australia.

The origins of the Woodville Pahiatua Racing Club began in 188


Coppermine Creek

Copper was first discovered in the Maharahara area, approximately seven miles north east of Woodville, in 1887, and from that date, considerable time and money had been spent in attempts to find the main lode.
From the Coppermine Road end close to Woodville there are opportunities for picnicking. There is access to an easy, sheltered low level forest walk as well as more challenging walks to higher levels: The Coppermine Creek Track is a pleasant walk through lowland forest to an area ...read more...

International NZ Motocross Grand Prix

The Grand Prix Motocross is held annually in Woodville and is generally on the last weekend in January. This 3 day event attracts international riders and is an exciting one to watch.

The event is held by the Manawatu Orion Motorcycle Club and is held at the Woodville end of the Manawatu Gorge. Tim Gibbes was the key figure in promoting this event almost 50 years ago and his foresight lives on.

This event is the only other National MZ title (Seniors, Juniors and mini’s) ...read more...

Te Ahu A Turanga Marae

Te Ahu A Turanga Marae was built mainly by volunteers, was finally completed and officially opened on 5th March 1994.

Te Ahu A Turanga Marae is a multi-cultural Marae. This means that the Marae is for the use of all Woodville people and all tribes. All iwi are represented in the carvings- Ngahauewha (the four winds) meaning tribes from all corners of the country. The ground upon which it stands is acknowledged as being within the Rangitane area but the Marae is available to all regard...read more...

Fountaine Square

When the first sale of Woodville town lots occurred in1875, pioneer Thomas Fountaine bought land for himself and JH Monteith and returned to Woodville to start felling timber for a store, which opened in March 1876.In 1896, he gifted the land now known as Fountaine Square to the town.

Fountaine Square is a wonderful asset in the town, there are numerous old trees, a childrens playground and a Band Rotunda which is used for concerts in summer months. It is an ideal stop for families an...read more...

Historic Gorge Cemetery

Located at the western entrance to Woodville near the Manawatu Gorge. This historic cemetery features graves of pioneers, notable personalities and early settlers of Woodville. Tours are held on on the 5th Sunday of the month where the tour guides will tell you stories of the lives and tragedies of some of these early residents.

Contact: Ray 06 376 4472 or Ian 06 376 5089 for details

To search current cemetery records click on the web icon
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Whariti is not translatable. It is a corruption of the original name Wharetiti (Whare – house, titi – muttonbird (the Sooty Shearwater)). According to audio archives* the peak of 920m (2950 ft) gained its name from the times when the muttonbird nested on top of the ridges of the Ruahine mountain range. They arrived at Wharetiti from Bear Island, Waimarama and continued northwards to Tongariro.
The Maori would construct temporary housing when the Titi began to arrive, and ha...read more...

Steam train

The Feilding & District Steam Rail Society regularly run steam train excursions through Woodville. A totally unique experience to travel through the Manawatu Gorge on a steam locomotive whether it’s just for the experience or on your way to a special event.

...



Two Windfarms are located near Woodville.

Tararua Windfarm

The wind farm is situated on the Tararua Ranges just south of the Manawatu Gorge. The site is located on 700 hectares of private land on a ridge of rolling hills which continues to be used for sheep and beef farming. It is approximately 4 kilometres south-west of Ashhurst, 5 kilometres west of Woodville, 11 kilometres east of Palmerston North and 10 kilometres north-w...read more...

Radio Woodville

A community radio station in the main street of Woodville which is run by volunteers. The programs feature a wide variety of music as well as local interviews and news programs. The frequency is 99.6 FM in Woodville and 88.3FM in Pahiatua. The programs are also broadcast to the main shopping area.

You can listen to Radio Woodville now through the internet http://boombox3.inspire.net.nz:8030/

Whariti Hill Climb

A hill climb for rally cars, this event is held annually in March by the Dannevirke Car Club.  At 7.9 kilometres, it is the longest distance hill climb in the southern hemisphere. It is one of the few gravel hill climb events. It draws competitors from all over New Zealand, including national rally champions and enthusiastic beginners. Spectators are most welcome but need to follow marshall’s directions.

...

Doggie Toilet

If you're travelling through Woodville with your family pet, Woodville has a dog toilet especially for your pet. It is located in Fountaine Square, next to the Public Toilets.

World First Aviation event in the world each New Year

Woodville is world famous in hosting the first aviation event in the world each New Year, click here for details  www.manawatumicrolightclub.org.nz/atholsstrip.html